Learning After College

I was reading through some blogs today, many from college students. My husband is also a college student. I was, but not anymore.

I hear from people that they would love to be a student for the rest of their life, meaning that they keep taking college classes over and over again, except for without the financial woes.

I would hate that.

I like learning best on my own. Like at my job, I got about one and a half days of training,
and then I figured out the rest of my job by myself. Not because I had to do it that way, but because I wanted to. I would rather search out a question instead of asking someone for the answer. I’m exceptionally good at figuring stuff out.

I am glad I don’t have assigned reading. I am glad I don’t have writing assignments. School is pretty good at sucking all the creativity out of you, really. To get the grades, you have to do what the teacher wants. And that means that you don’t get to fly.

After school, I’ve been learning. A whole ton of learning. I’ve learned from my job. I’ve read books. I’ve learned from the internet. I’ve learned from friends and family. I’ve learned, most of all, just by living. I’ve learned how to cook by cooking, for example. I’ve learned how to design by designing. I’ve learned how to write better by writing.

I love the freedom of continuing my education without syllabi, without professors, and with the world itself as my teacher. I’ve gained real confidence for the first time of my life because I don’t have grades looming above me. I’ve learned how to be a better person, which is something you can’t take a college class on anyway.


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