reading and philosophizing

I’m ready a book right now that has quite a bit of philosophy in it. And I realized that when reading a bit of philosophy, it doesn’t really matter if you understand what the author is talking about. Many times, the main points are so obscure anyway.

What matters is it makes you think of something new, whether or not the thought you have is what the author intends. Ten different people can read a book and think that the author was saying ten different things. It doesn’t matter what the author really meant. It just matters that the readers are thinking.

I think the same goes for poetry. I like reading poetry quickly, so I get the overall feel and sound of a poem. Yeah, I don’t digest every single thing the poet intended, but that’s not the point of me reading a poem. A poem should simply get me to think or feel about something differently, independent of author intentions.

When you read like this, it enables you to fly a lot more. You aren’t limited by the author. Your own reactions are what become important, and you can come up with something genuinely new.


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