Cooking isn’t a lot of fun if all you do is follow the recipe.

I recently compiled a list of my favorite recipes. And some of them I had just experimented on, and things turned out well. I’ll take bits and pieces from some recipes and modify them according to what I have in my kitchen. It means I can adapt things to my own specific tastes (which include an affinity to cream cheese and green onions, my two favorite ingredients). It means I can simplify things. And it also means that every time I make something, it turns out slightly different. Which is a lot of fun.

I was going to take a picture of today’s experiment, chocolate strawberry mini cheesecakes, but they look really awful. I’m hoping they taste a lot better.

The same goes for all of life. Sometimes you just have to wing in and do something different. It doesn’t mean it’ll turn out perfect, but it’ll make it a lot more interesting.


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