Remembering what’s important

I’ve been worried lately. About this and that and the other. While my worries are somewhat valid, chances are things will work out fine.

But I have been distracted. In a really bad way. My baby kicked me pretty good today, and I felt down and I could tell where her head was. And it made me love her so much. I had forgotten how much I loved her because I had been so distracted with this that and the other.

Sometimes, we make our own enemies. They can be things other people’s opinions, certain circumstances we find ourselves in, or the worries and cares of the world. But those aren’t really our enemies at all. We have one real enemy, and that’s our own bad choices.

That’s one enemy we have complete control over. And then all those other things doesn’t matter. For me, it doesn’t matter if I get another rejection letter in my mail (which are getting increasingly smaller in size, strangely). If doesn’t matter if I end up having more expenses pop up than I want. The publishing world is not my enemy. Money is not my enemy.

I am in control of what’s important in life, and that’s choosing my own attitude and my own actions. I can handle that.


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