Family Life

We got an apartment

We have signed a lease agreement and have an apartment to move into. We decided to move because our little one-room apartment right now is not very baby friendly.

So after looking and looking, we found a place. It’s old, built in the late 1930s, but I like old. There is all this built-in storage. The carpet is green. There is a formal dining room, two bedrooms, a living room, and a kitchen (with limited counter space). It’s in the basement of a duplex.

The rent was cheaper than anything we had seen, and it’s not in a terrible neighborhood either. It’s sort of far away from campus, but there are buses. It’s within walking distance of the library.

And we just feel completely blessed. I did want to stay within our ward, but it’s okay that we’re not too. The apartment felt right for us. We also have a few weeks overlap between moving in and moving out, so that’ll be nice.

I finally feel ready for baby to come, and I still have seven more weeks. She can keep growing for a while more.


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