Family Life


I have a problem: there is a baby in my tummy. And she must come out.

It’s sort of weird looking down at my very-swollen stomach and realizing that she’ll come into the world . . . somehow. Really? It doesn’t quite seem possible.

And when you look at the size of a baby’s skull and a mother’s pelvis, and when you learn how a baby has to corkscrew her way into the world, it is even more amazing.

We’re going to a childbirth class at my local hospital. I think it is more for my husband than me. I’m actually more worried about him getting through the experience than I am. Though, I should remind myself that he is the one who has skinned a dead animal before. But his wife is not a deer.

My goal is natural childbirth. I’ve wanted to have natural childbirth ever since I knew what natural childbirth was. My mom did it. My sisters did it. I can do it.

But if I do turn into a complete wuss (I have no idea what my pain tolerance is because I’ve never endured much pain), than I tell myself that all that matters is that she arrives, no matter what way.

I still have a few weeks, thank goodness. But I don’t think I could ever be ready.


3 thoughts on “Childbirth

  1. My mom delivered my sister and me naturally, then had an epidural with one of my brothers and said that the epidural was great (the second brother came so fast they didn’t have time to do anything, so he was natural as well). But I think it affected her decision that she was in her forties for my brothers and still in her thirties for my sister and me. It has got to be easier to deliver a child when you are young.

    You can do it. 🙂


  2. Don’t think about it too much. Just learn to go to a happy place (when you were born my happy place was avonlea, I was reading Ann of Green Gables) and you’ll be fine.


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