Tomorrow is my last day of work

Sorry to disappoint those early guesses, but baby isn’t coming today.

Today was my penultimate (what a wonderful word) day at work. I’m so torn right now: I want to be a mom, but leaving this job is harder than I ever thought. I loved being a legal secretary.

I didn’t like my previous job, so I decided to look for another, I thought being a legal secretary sounded nice. Even though I had little idea what a legal secretary did. So I went around all the firms in Logan and asked if they were hiring. And the best firm in town hired me. I got lucky.

I’ve had this job longer than any other job. It just fit me. It wasn’t perfect (no job is), but I enjoyed it. I liked drafting documents. I liked doing occasional research. I liked editing things and printing things out.  I liked sorting through files and trying to figure what was going on. I even liked helping people with their computer and/or formatting problems.

But I go forward now into new adventures. I am a completely different person than I was before. So many of my life goals have changed. When I graduated from high school, I had dreams. Big dreams.

Now those dreams are smaller, but so much better.

In college, I wrote this on a post-it note: “Being a mom is your career.” It reminded me what I really and truly wanted in life. And there have been times when a professional career sounded so enticing.

But I’m not going to have a career. I’m going to have a baby.

Hopefully soon.


2 thoughts on “Tomorrow is my last day of work

  1. I am so glad you started putting these things back up on facebook 😛 That is the only way I remember to check people’s blogs!

    Just think of how lucky you were to have a job you loved so much. Not everyone is that blessed!

    We will have to go on some walks this summer!


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