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My baby is adorable

So my daughter is adorable. The other day, I looked down, and she had her thumb in her mouth, sucking it:

Just her thumb. Not the rest of her fingers. She did it again today, and she loves it. Almost as much as her pacifier, but not quite.

In reviewing my photos, I found these:

They were taken right after each other. She’s not sure of her moods all the time.

And Wednesday night, my husband actually wore jeans (usually he is in brown work pants) and a t-shirt, and was holding my little girl. And it was the best sight in the world.

Finally, yesterday I went looking for a hat. I didn’t like any of the hats I could find, and decided I could crochet my own. So I did. The results:

Yeah. That picture is pretty amazing, isn’t it? I mean, look at her expression. She looks like a model. Crazy.

And one last picture:


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