Dillon · Family Life

Happy Father’s Day

Father’s Day is different this year: my husband is now a father too. My little girl decided to roll over for him for Father’s Day. I stuck her on her tummy and she got super excited and managed to go from stomach to back. And her arm wasn’t underneath her to give her leverage either. She’s totally too young to be able to do that.

I have a great dad myself. I included a picture of him to the right. He’s where I get my height. Unfortunately, he is also where I get my nose. But I won’t blame him for that.

My father and my husband are very different. But that’s okay. They are both good. They both absolutely love my little girl. When my dad holds her with his gigantic hands, it makes her look tiny.

I’ve always been a big supporter of men in general: sometimes I don’t think they are given enough credit. I’m lucky, really, because I have so many good men in my life. Men who are providers and leaders and who respect and support their wives. They listen and laugh and give me guidance. They have the priesthood and honor it. They serve. They love.

So happy Father’s Day to my dad, my husband, my grandpas, and anyone else who should belong in that list.


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