I’ve been out of school for two years. I was organizing today, and ended up going through some of my old school stuff, including reading some short papers I wrote my last semester.

Wow. I was actually smart once. I actually came up with well-thought ideas.

I was good at school. I was good at work too. Now I just have to be good at being a mom. And it’s probably the hardest thing I have to do–because there aren’t set guidelines this time. There are no grades. No teacher. No boss. No assignments. I actually have to do it on my own.

But it’s nice to remind myself of what I did in life, to know I am good for something. I can do this.


2 thoughts on “School

  1. Being a good mom is tons harder than school or work. You get graded and praised or at least paid there. And its a lot easier to look at a well written essay with an A on top and know you are doing good, than look at a crying baby who you’ve been cuddling for the last 10 minutes and know you are doing a good.


  2. There are all different kinds of smart and a time and a place for each one. I think you are incredibly smart – remember how I called you this morning about meter reads. I couldn’t have done that without you! You are a fantastic, wonderful and smart mother.


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