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My husband noticed that when I start getting . . . ahem . . . creative . . . with my cooking, I don’t do as well. He’d rather I’d stick to things I know how to make. Like tacos. Tacos are incredibly easy to make.

Today, I got, well, creative. I didn’t have any eggs, you see, and I don’t like cake, and I wanted to use a cake mix. And pudding. But it involves chocolate. So it has to be good, right?

We’ll see.

In other news, my girl is growing. I don’t have a measuring tape, but by using pieces of paper, I’m pretty sure she’s quite long. I’m thinking she’s around two feet tall, at least in that general vicinity. That sounds weird, to be two feet tall. We had a measuring tape at one point, but it’s disappeared.

So we’ve been shooting our bows on occasion. I’m better when I don’t try as hard. Probably because I relax. But I’m still not great, and it doesn’t matter because I have fun. And I usually hit the target (though I missed it twice last time and lost an arrow–I hate losing arrows).

Made a list of fun things to do this summer. It’s not complete but includes the following:

  • Play at the park
  • Make s*mores
  • Dream
  • Play charades
  • Tie knots
  • Chess
  • Go window shopping
  • Sidewalk chalk
  • Shoot a gun
  • Make a fort
  • Go to the library
  • Crafts
  • Clean
  • Bird watching

Okay, in some things, I need to work on the whole “fun” factor. Cleaning? Really? But I put it down. And can you tell I’m somewhat of a nerd? Chess? Knots? Library?

Yup. That’s my idea of fun.


2 thoughts on “Thoughts

  1. And my experiment worked.

    What I did:

    Cake mix, combined with a stick of butter, somewhere around 3 ounces of cream cheese, and some applesauce to make it cookie-dough consistency.

    Pressed in bottom of 13×9 pan.

    Baked until done (not sure how long. Until it started smelling and looked like it was done).

    Made pudding according to directions.

    Let everything cool/set up.

    Put pudding on cake mix crust.

    Sprinkled with chocolate chips.

    My cake mix was chocolate and my pudding was Oreo.


  2. I am so impressed that you are brave enough to experiment like that 🙂 I rely a LOT on 😉

    You like window shopping?? We should definitely go window shopping sometime!!


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