Family Life


I finally saw Star Trek IV. You know, the whale one. Why has it taken me this long?

Next time I plant tomatoes, it will not be in a barren plot of ground that discourages growth. One of the plants is dead and the other hasn’t grown an inch. I’m really not this bad at gardening. It’s just that when you only have one living plant, you don’t care much about it.

I spent much of the day cooking yesterday. Sesame chicken and cheesecake squares and noodles with veggies. So much fun. I brought half of it to a friend who just had a baby. Hope she doesn’t mind that it was completely unhealthy.

Going barefoot all the time can make your feet hurt.

I nurse on demand. In case you were wondering. When baby cries that she is hungry, I feed her. And even though scheduled or semi-scheduled feedings sound easier sometimes, they just create stress. After all, as my mom says, babies can’t tell time.

My baby sleeps in 7-hour stretches on a regular basis. Sometimes longer. I like that.


2 thoughts on “Random

  1. Wow, Baby is good at sleeping!

    I don’t know about telling time per se, but I know that our body has a sense dedicated to feeling the passage of time, and that scheduling is sometimes the only way to teach a baby how to sleep through the night.


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