She has a year supply of food. She cooks whole wheat bread. She clips coupons. She has an impeccable sense of style, both for herself, and for her home. She manages to be trendy and age-appropriate, with perfect hair and makeup. She is an amazing cook. And she makes pie.

She has a super clean house (no dust!) and she enjoys doing the dishes. She line dries her clothes and uses fancy light bulbs.

She knows the scriptures (a lot by memorization). She also knows history, math, science, literature, and anything and everything in between. Maybe has an engineering degree or a PhD.

She takes amazing photographs. She also draws. And is good with computers. She has a hugely popular blog she updates daily.

She gardens. She can also can. And play the piano. And the violin.

She can sew amazing things, like her own wedding dress and half her wardrobe.

She has six kids. Does homeschooling. Remembers everyone’s birthday. Always seems put together. Never yells. Volunteers. Has her own business. And a non-profit. And a law degree.

Published author. Knows car mechanics. Does her family history. Does visiting teaching the first week. Never watches TV but always knows everything about all the shows.

Runs marathons and does triathlons. 4.0 G.P.A. for all her schooling. Never wears pajamas. Knows how to iron. And knit. And crochet. And quilt. And embroider.

Whirlwind shopper. Helps the homeless. Rich. Humble. Eats really healthy (but makes really good fudge). Skinny. On top of finances with no debt and had an amazing credit rating.

Good wife. Hard worker. Supportive. Rubs her husband’s feet. Eloquent. Good at public speaking. Completely honest. Gourmet cook. Thoughtful. Never swears. Frugal. Gets half her stuff for free. 

Young kids never cry or fuss. Take good naps. Older kids are smart. Social. Helpful.

I spent much of yesterday in my pajamas because I got raw chicken juice on my clothes while grocery shopping.


3 thoughts on “Perfect

  1. Even though our respective Perfects are different models, I totally understand this vision. Though by about halfway through, I was nearly laughing at the absurdity of one person having all these ducks in a row. Maybe four or five people could do it between then? Thanks for making me think.


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