Family Life

Baby Accomplishments

Warning: This post contains baby pictures. Lots of them.

So we did tummy time the other day.

MM doesn’t usually like tummy time.

But she didn’t cry right off.

She was working really hard.

And wondering why I made her do this every day.

Crawling is still a long ways away.
But she is really mastering lifting herself up.
And then the next day (or the day after or something like that), she learned a new skill:
It’s called sitting. Sort of. More like mommy arranges her hands and legs and everything so she can balance just right.
I am not holding her up. She is not leaning on anything. Except for the floor. This is progress.
She’s not sure if she likes the progress yet. And her shirt may be a little revealing in that pose. But she’s a baby. No one cares.
Wow, I could look at her all day. And I do, usually.
She even did it the next day. And managed to go completely bald overnight.
It’s just the lighting. Promise. And she doesn’t have gray eyebrows either. Promise.
Do you notice her teddy in the background? She likes to spit on it. She likes to spit on most things.
And then this evening, MM and Daddy had a little time together.
They had fun.  
MM wasn’t quite so sure they were having fun.
I love these two.

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