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Random Thoughts Today

On Sunday, after writing my previous blog post, I got up and proceeded to almost fall over because my right foot was completely numb. I also had a sleeping baby in my arms, which is what prevented me from falling over. Instead, I somehow managed to make it to the couch.

Today, I tried to sew something and broke the needle on my sewing machine. This is the second thing I have tried to sew on this machine. This may not bode well for my future in sewing, but I’m willing to give it another go.

I may or may not have left a diaper on to long and given my baby a diaper rash. But if I did, it wasn’t that bad and is almost all gone now.

I worry that I write too much. I worry that my descendants will have to deal with piles of journals and hundreds of blog posts. It’s overwhelming. That doesn’t make me write less, though.


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