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What I’ve been up to lately

1. Watching General Conference. I love General Conference. That’s when modern-day prophets speak the word of God to us. How awesome is that? The talks were all so good. Some thoughts: Ponder scriptures. You have to ask for answers and ask for blessings. Family history doesn’t have to be scary. Busy should be productive. Grind distractions into dust. Be patient. Love casteth out all fear. Charity can become your nature. Enduring is not rushing. Continue in patient until perfected. Be a guardian of virtue. The Lord wants to bless you.

One of my favorites talks was when President Uchtdorf talking about how man is nothing and everything all at the same time. Paradox of man. I love it.

2. Learning how to edit photos better. I still can’t afford Photoshop, but I downloaded GIMP. And now I have three separate photo editing programs (GIMP, Paint.NET, and one that came with my camera), and between the three of them, I think I can do everything I ever want to do. I’ve been messing with layers. But really, sometimes I go back to the simplest program that can do the least because all you need in a good photo is a few tweaks.

3. Playing with MM. She doesn’t laugh that often, really. She’s pretty calm overall. But she laughed for Dillon for the first time yesterday, just that tiny chuckle she gives. It’s the best sound ever. She is currently sucking on my wrist and she has a strong jaw.

4. Cooking. I may have bought tofu yesterday. It was buy one get one free. I haven’t used it yet, but I’m going to. Dillon is not happy about it. I also bought lentils, which I’ve never used. I’m sort of on a vegetarian kick. Partly because meat is expensive and I’m not a big fan in the first place.

5. Time with family. We went fishing last night while eating a bean salad with tortilla chips. It didn’t matter that we didn’t catch anything. My sister, husband, and son came up in the weekend. I went up the canyon with her and we saw some of the leaves. I love fall. When everything dies off, it becomes such a beautiful color.


2 thoughts on “What I’ve been up to lately

  1. I’m not the biggest fan of tofu, but perhaps you can find a great recipe and then share! The only thing I’ve ever had with lentils is a lentil stew my family makes. I think it’s an acquired taste, but has potential!


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