Family Life

This is life

As of 12:37 p.m.:
  • Went to Wal-Mart in my pajamas this morning for a few things. Should have brushed my teeth first.
  • Left oatmeal in the microwave until it became inedible. Ate frosted flakes.
  • Diapers have developed ammonia smell.
  • Washer stopped mid-cycle.
  • Washer is currently only good for making loud noises.
  • Finished rinsing my load of diapers in the tub.
  • MM fell out of her swing, which is close to the ground, so it didn’t hurt her. That was talented. Next time, I will belt her in.
  • Turns out that MM’s poo was that weird smell I couldn’t figure out.
  • House needs cleaning.
  • Have gotten so distracted by internet searches today. I hate Google.
  • MM didn’t sleep well and has been wanting to be held the whole day.
1:18 p.m.
  • The house is now clean, vacuumed, dishes done.
  • MM is sleeping.
3:06 p.m.
  • I’m reading a good book.
  • Dillon is sleeping.
  • Day looking better.

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