Family Life



MM, as always. And being a mother.

Time. I did so much yesterday, and I ran out of things to do before I ran out of time. Every minute should be treasured.

Spontaneous dance parties with my husband and daughter. It didn’t last long, but since we all can’t dance at all, it was fun.

Typewriters. I am currently writing my journal on a typewriter. I have to slow down, though, because if I go too fast the typewriter can’t keep up and skips letters.

Nap time.

Ordering things online and getting them on your door step two days later. It’s so much better than going shopping.

Church. I may spend most of the time in the lobby since MM has a hard time, but I still go. Every week. And I wouldn’t miss it for the world.

Accepting imperfections. Imperfections are everywhere, because people are imperfect. It’s not worth it to get hung up about it.

My children’s station on Pandora. The music is so much fun.

Autumn. And even winter. I love seeing everything die off and be covered in white. It’s gorgeous.

Library. I have so many books checked out of the library right now. It’s wonderful.


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