Family Life

It’s currently naptime . . .

When MM gets a good morning nap, she is so much happier in life.

Life has been pretty great yesterday. We took a mini-vacation so that Dillon could go hunting with his dad, and he had a lot of fun with that. We’ve also been working on getting Christmas done–we went into Walmart for some DVD-Rs and we came out with the entire Harry Potter collection on DVD. It cost us around $45.00. For eight DVDs. Yeah. I was really happy.

Though you don’t really need to own DVDs anymore, since you can get most stuff streaming online. But it’s like owning books when you live right next to a library–sometimes you just want it to be yours because you like it so much.

I took family pictures from my sister-in-law, Anna.


She has a way cute family. Her husband does not like to take family pictures, so usually he’s not smiling at all. But since the photo session was somewhere around ten minutes (for the family–I took a little longer getting individual shots), he was a little happier with it. We were at my in-laws house, and that beautiful location just happened to be in their front yard. You usually don’t have to go far to get a good picture.

I also took engagement pictures for my brother, Ben. Those were the last two pictures that I posted. He is marrying the most AMAZING girl. I’m excited to have Sarah be part of the family. Now my kids will have an Aunt Sara and an Aunt Sarah. That’s not confusing at all, is it?


My sister-in-law Amber made me these boots when MM was born and they fit now, just in time for the cold weather.


I love taking pictures. My camera is somewhat broken, but I don’t want a new one because they are really expensive and mine still works. And it’s mine, you know? So even if the display screen shows up in negative image, I still like it.

Dillon and I both don’t like stuff. We de-junk on a regular basis. You have to do it on a regular basis, because you think you might use something and then it turns out you just don’t. I hope I never get too attached to my stuff. And that I never have too much stuff to get attached to. I wrote this because as Christmas comes along, it’s generally a time to get more stuff. And I’m wondering why.

And MM just woke up . . .


One thought on “It’s currently naptime . . .

  1. Yay! I’m so glad the boots fit at the right time of year. It’s been too long since my kids were little that I couldn’t remember how big baby feet are so I just made a guess. She looks adorable!


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