Family Life


Samantha, Willard, Mary, Cynthia, Aaron, Cylista

So. I got this photo from someone who was wondering if I could identify it. I have a family history website, you see, so people think I actually know something about family history. I feel sort of strange about it, because I still consider myself more of a beginner. Maybe intermediate. Okay, maybe I’m really good at certain things, like internet searches and using certain technology. But still. I haven’t been doing it for decades. I’m only in my twenties here.

When people ask me for help, most of the times they are older than me and have been doing genealogy longer than I have.  My great-great-great-great-grandfather is their great-great-grandfather.

But I do what I can. I went searching and searching today to identify those people. I knew who they are, it was just a matter of multiple choice.

And I found them. I had pictures of all of them around this same time in a book on my bookshelf.

Willard is the boy on the left. He was easy because he has blue eyes. Which means Aaron is on the right.

For the girls, Samantha is on the left. Cynthia is standing. Mary is sitting down. Cylista is on the right.

I’m not 100% certain. But Cynthia has a distinct slant in her eyebrows. Mary has a distinctive nose. That sort of thing.

(Oh my–MM has halfway pulled herself into standing position with her saucer. Only halfway though.)

So, in conclusion: you can do more than you think you can. I didn’t think I would be able to identify everyone. I just wanted the picture. But I could identify them. Sometimes you just have to make the effort.


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