Small Successes

I just read this post from my former teacher Amy. It’s all about how we shouldn’t compare ourselves to others, because some people can make pie and other people can keep their house clean.

So this morning, I wrote down the small successes I’ve done in my life. Because I think it’s important to recognize those small things you do that were better than the day before. It’s important to realize what you are good at. It’s important to feel good about your life. It’s important to realize that you can progress and get better.

This is some of my list:

  • I keep my house decently clean
  • I go to church, even when it’s hard with a six-month old
  • I talk to people at church
  • I’ve crocheted hats recently to give to new babies in my ward
  • I’m visiting a friend today
  • I cooked breakfast this morning (bread pudding with bananas)
  • I like to play with MM
  • I can sort of play the organ
  • I made a ton of my Christmas presents I’m giving to people
  • I’m willing to go wherever for my husband’s career (except Alaska, which I refuse)
  • I helped my sister with a small portion of her website design
  • I’m very slowly getting better at not wasting time on my computer
  • I read a lot

What are your small successes?


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