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Sewing again

I sewed again. It was a bigger project: Super Simple Leggings. Except I managed to make them not quite so super simple because I still have much to learn with a sewing machine.

I used an old shirt and used the existing hem, so I didn’t have to hem, which was good. I also did a yoga-style waistband, more or less, instead of elastic, so there is a tube of fabric sewn on the top. Since they are on the small side and the fabric was so stretchy, it worked great.

The first time through was okay, except for I forgot to do a zig-zag stitch, so they basically fell apart when I put them on MM to test. Then I put wrong side on right side on my second time through, instead of right sides together, so I had to cut off a seam.

The worst part about the whole experience was when the fabric got caught up in my bobbin thread. Ick.

And by the time they were done, they were a bit smaller than first anticipated, which means they won’t work for Christmas since MM will probably grow out of them by then. But they work.

Finished product with horrible evening lighting:

I think it’s hilarious that her torso is washed out in the flash.

Even though this project turned out to be a major pain and take the whole afternoon and into the evening for a tiny pair of pants, I still want to keep sewing. It is so cool to say that I made that.

Also, MM is really enjoying the solids. When her pears were gone today, she cried. I had to get her more. And she ate goldfish. I don’t know if those are the best food, but she liked him and didn’t choke to death. She loves feeding herself. I let her, which means that I’m going to do so much laundry it’s insane. This is her with squash:

And there was an incident yesterday involving a cake mix, but I won’t talk about that.


4 thoughts on “Sewing again

  1. Those pants are awesome! My first pajama pants project was awful, I didn’t even get very far because I cut the pattern out backwards and had to throw everything away! 😦

    Also, I think you should post the story about the cake mix…you have my undivided attention. Plus you can’t post an awesome picture like that and then not post the story! 🙂


    1. There’s really not much of a story: I was making cookies, and I opened the package of cake mix. It was being stubborn, so I pulled harder, and it proceeded to explode open, getting it all over me.


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