Homemade Christmas Presents

This year, every single one of the presents I gave where homemade in some aspect or another.

I gave my brother and his wife a scrapbook (I did it digitally, it’s 8×8 in size):

I gave my dad a photo mousepad, which isn’t really homemade, but I took the picture:

I gave my mom a recipe book with all her recipe files printed and organized (I don’t have a picture, because it’s not that exciting).

I gave my in-laws a book where we gathered a page from most of their progeny about what they believe (I made the binder look all nice):

I gave my husband a hat, a scripture reading card (there is a front with a picture too), and put some photos in a photo album:

I gave my daughter leg warmers and a crocheted teddy bear:

I gave a friend some crocheted teddy bears for her kids and a hat for her:

I gave my sister-in-law and her husband crocheted hats (and a game):

That’s most of it.


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