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Pants, Nursery Decorations, MM

Sewing causes my heart rate to rise. I just sewed another pair of pants for MM and I feel exhausted. I’m getting better, though. I put the right sides together and only unpicked once, but that was because I changed my mind and decided to put an elastic in them (I didn’t have one the first time).

I redecorated and rearranged the nursery–some of it while my baby was sleeping in the crib. The lens I used stinks and I know I need to smudge the photos, but I want to share them too much.

MM has been crawling all over now–she finally understand that crawling isn’t horrible. She just took off exploring this morning.

I taught MM to high-five. She loves it. I raise up my hand, say high-five, and she puts her hand up for me to hit. And now she has actually put her hand up before I even say or do anything so that she can get a high-five. She’s so smart.

I also tried to teach her to hit two blocks together, and she tried her best, she didn’t have the coordination. I helped her out, and she liked that a lot.

Dillon is off to Nebraska this weekend for some testing on a job. He left this morning, but my sister is going to come visit me so I don’t have to be too lonely.

To be honest, I don’t really mind being alone either because I have MM.

MM loves to play the piano. I have a keyboard pretty low, she can stand up and hit the keys on it.


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