Bad Night = Awesome Dreams

So MM woke up last night and then woke up again. We finally got her back to sleep, and then I got back to sleep. But my dreams were really weird. I kept waking up within my dreams, so there were multiple layers of dreaming going on (why do I always end up back in high school in my dreams, and my class schedule is messed up?). Sometimes when I would wake up but still be dreaming, I knew I was dreaming.

So what did I do?

I flew of course. I have to say, it was quite difficult to get over the mental block and fear of heights, but as I couldn’t fall, I did end up successfully flying.

And then I climbed walls, which was way better than flying, since flying there aren’t really any rules and it gets boring just floating through the air. By climbing walls you have to stick to the wall, and I went up a wall, across a ceiling, and then down again head first. And that really challenged me a whole lot more–it was scary to be upside-down backwards and trusting that my hands sticking to the wall were going to keep me from falling.

I guess I didn’t really have to worry about falling, since I could fly, after all. But I think I was just using one super-power at a time.

Yeah. I wish all my dreams were like that.


3 thoughts on “Bad Night = Awesome Dreams

  1. So, I totally dreamt that I visited you and Liz at your parents’ house last night. Not as cool as super powers, but I miss seeing my friends!


  2. Babies definitely give you interesting dreams. At least you remember more than you should. About a week ago both Matt and I had vivid dreams one night that actually seemed to even have meaning. And the dream with in a dream, where I woke up in my dream or was sure I was dreaming.


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