It’s so easy to have a to-do list instead of actual goals.

I fall into the trap all the time: I just think of what I can do in a day instead of thinking how I can be a better person. My goals are things I can cross off, but once I do, I’m not necessarily a better person for it.

Last week, my goals were about doing this and that: writing a blog, quilting, doing family history, etc. I wasn’t really passionate about it all because it was just something to get done.

I wasn’t handling life very well and knew I needed to make some changes so I was happier. And I set goals this week, real goals. Being more patient with my daughter, especially at night. And to do that, I’ve sung hymns. Praying more sincerely. Going outside everyday (it was snowing today–bad weather is so much more enjoyable when you are in it instead of watching it with disdain from the inside). Reading a book first instead of turning on the television.

Goals make you want to be better. To-do lists aren’t improvement, they are just stuff on a list.

I’ve felt happier these past few days with real goals.


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