Family Life

I forgot about this blog

MM has eight teeth now.

I just remembered I have a blog. I forgot somewhere in the past week. You probably didn’t notice.

I suppose it comes from spending a bit less time on the computer, since MM doesn’t like when I’m on the computer. And my standing desk also discourages me from hours and hours on the computer, since I’m standing instead of lounging about.

Some stuff:

MM took a few steps on her own–she’s still far away from really walking, but she would sort of stumble toward me with about two shuffled steps the other day.

It finally decided it was winter. But it’s almost March, so I’m not really happy about that.

Good books read recently: The Pioneer Woman: Black Heels to Tractor Wheels and Supernaturally. Both were two-day reads.

I cut my own hair the other day. Didn’t do a very good job either, but that’s the beauty of curly hair: it hides the fact that my hair is uneven. I’m learning. But I hated going and getting it cut, so I would much rather uneven ends.

My sister, Clarissa, is leaving to go on a mission tomorrow. I’m going to miss her while she’s gone.

Dillon keeps applying for jobs here and there. None of them in Utah so far. I would like to stay in Utah, but I would like a job far more. And since he’s applied to Wyoming, Nevada, Idaho, we aren’t really going that far. Idaho is probably our best bet right now, just because his application has been in the longest and he’s qualified for it.

We got MM a convertible car seat, because she is now over 21 pounds. She is a chunk.

I’m getting better at realizing my own identity and my own goals–I sort of had a major shift when MM came along and there are still days that I want something different–fame, fortune, some big dream–but overall I’m getting really accustomed to being a stay-at-home mom. Being a mom is who I am–I always sort of wanted something that felt greater than that, like being a writer or a designer or photographer or philosopher or great blogger or whatever–but being a mom is so much better than all those things. Yeah, my life isn’t too exciting–I work on getting MM’s sleep schedule worked out, on cooking and cleaning my house, and then a few hobbies here and there–but I like it. I don’t want to be famous or rich or have these great accomplishments on my resume anymore. I’m just happy being home, being me, doing the little things.

That could be part of the reason I forgot about this blog. Blogging I guess it an attempt at fame, in a way, an attempt for me and my life look better and people to notice it. But I’ve been pretty happy with where I’m at, and so I don’t have the need to share so people can notice me.

I’m finally okay with the fact that my life is pretty average. I love it just how it is.


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