Family Life


We went swimming today.

MM floats like a little balloon. It you don’t hold her legs down, they just go right up to the surface. It was the cutest thing ever.

Also, you can use cloth diaper covers as swim diapers. It made it much easier to go swimming, since that served as a diaper and a swimsuit for her. We’re not planning on being frequent swimmers, so it worked.

We got our ants sprayed today. They were in my pancake mix and on my counters. There are now piles of dead ants in my carpet. I like piles of dead ants because there are so much better than piles of live ants.

Last, I created an excel spreadsheet so that I can type in an ingredient or a mealtime and pops up with a list of ideas for me. I’m not working on populating the recipe list. This is an equation I used in the spreadsheet: =IF(OR(Home!A$2=’recipe list’!B3, Home!A$2=’recipe list’!C3, Home!A$2=’recipe list’!D3, Home!A$2=’recipe list’!E3, Home!A$2=’recipe list’!F3, Home!A$2=’recipe list’!G3, Home!A$2=’recipe list’!H3, Home!A$2=’recipe list’!I3, Home!A$2=’recipe list’!J3, Home!A$2=’recipe list’!K3, Home!A$2=’recipe list’!L3, Home!A$2=’recipe list’!M3, Home!A$2=’recipe list’!N3, Home!A$2=’recipe list’!O3, Home!A$2=’recipe list’!P3, Home!A$2=’recipe list’!Q3, Home!A$2=’recipe list’!R3, Home!A$2=’recipe list’!S3, Home!A$2=’recipe list’!T3, Home!A$2=’recipe list’!U3), ‘recipe list’!A3, 0)

I really enjoy doing that, which is sort of scary. I love deductive logic and coding, and I suppose someday I should learn computer programming, but it’s not really on my to-do list yet.

I’d rather watch chubby legs float up to the surface of the swimming pool.


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