Family Life

Things I like about being home

We were away from  home the past week, and I am so glad to be back. Here are things I like about my home:

  • My daughter likes it too, so she’s happier.
  • Taking care of her is easier too.
  • Sleeping will be so much better tonight.
  • Quieter, and simpler. Less people around.
  • I organized all the stuff so I know where most everything is.
  • I’ve decorated it.
  • I’ve bought (or made) the food in the fridge/cupboards.
  • All my stuff.
  • I can keep my house as clean or as messy as I want. And it’s clean.
  • It’s just the right size for us.
  • My standing desk.
  • I’m responsible for most everything here.
  • I’m in better control of what I do with my time–I don’t get tempted to visit with people instead of doing things, and I tend to be more on task when I’m home.
  • No television except for what’s on the internet.
  • Having more things to do instead of just places to go.
  • My computer files, bookmarks, books, shelf of papers, projects I’m working on.
  • My sheets on my bed.

Yeah. It was really great to have some time away, but it made me appreciate home better.


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