Family Life


So for Mother’s Day, my husband got me flowers:

It was sweet of him. This is the second time he has bought me flowers. The first time was when I came home with MM–it was around Memorial Day, so he bought me a pot of flowers that was probably more intended to go on a grave, but it made me happy anyway. I got this at church:

I’m going to put it in an upside-down-tomato-bottle-planter-thingy. Even bought pop (soda?)  to do it with. We never drink pop (soda), by the way. Which leads to my herb garden:

I have chives, basil, cilantro, and parsley growing. I haven’t done any sort of gardening in a long time, so it’s refreshing. This is what I wore yesterday:

I guess it’s strange I’m sharing it. But I was thinking about fashion, and how I don’t like really put-together outfits. I guess it’s the fight between trying to fit in and stand out at the same time. I think I would rather stand out, but I’m not sure. Enough about me. My life is really focused on this person:

She is so wonderful. Today she took a box of cereal out of the garbage can. When I was cleaning up later, I was surprised to find that the box was in the garbage can again. She put it back.

She also took a pan out from one cupboard and I found it in a drawer across the kitchen later on. And then she took another pan out from the cupboard and got really upset that she couldn’t figure out how to put it back in. I love this girl so much.

She still chews on things a lot. We shared an apple today. I gave it to her, she would take a bit, and then she would put it up to my mouth. I would take a bite, and then a few times she tried to grab the piece of apple out of my mouth. I swallowed before she could. Not the most hygienic way to eat, but I try not to worry about germs. It was such a sweet moment that we can share a few germs for it.

In the picture above, MM is squatting because I was squatting to take pictures of her. I couldn’t figure out what she was doing until I realized that she was imitating me. It makes me feel so loved that just wants to do what I’m doing–and a little annoyed when I’m reading a book or trying to do something on the computer, but I try to give her attention first.

Also today, we were eating ice cream. Daddy would give her a bite, and then she would walk over to me. I would give her a bite, and she would go over to Daddy, and so on, until we were out of ice cream. I have no idea why she started switching off like that.

She shook the dandelion to get all the seeds off.

This girl loves her mama, and I love her back.

This is her walking toward me. She walks so well now.

I left my phone in the car today and I got one text in 24-hours, no calls. I’m glad MM gives me attention.


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