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I’m all moved

So I moved about a week ago. Our lease expired (and we wanted to move out of that apartment anyway), and Dillon’s seasonal job was ending, and he is still looking for a permanent, full-time job. So we moved in to the basement of my parent’s house, since it made the most sense. They have a six bedroom house and my younger brother is the only one still home, so we got two bedrooms and a bath all to ourselves, as well as storage space. We have all the room we need and now whenever a job does come, we can just pack up and move very quickly. Half of our stuff is still in boxes anyway.

It’s weird to be back in the same bedroom I had growing up. A few nights ago, I was looking at the ceiling. The ceiling is textured heavily, so it’s sort of like cloud watching: there’s the lion, the moose, the rifle, the pirate-cat, the ghost, the fat superhero, the alligator, the mermaids. I’ve been staring at them for years, and they are still just the same.

I’m not the same: I’m a mother and I have a husband and I’ve learned and grown. But the bedroom is still home for me, and probably always will be.

I also got a Nexus 7 tablet when we moved in. It was a birthday present. From myself. It was very affordable and it is AWESOME. It’s my new best friend. Sort of. It’s still an inanimate object, and I’m aware of that. But it does understand what I’m saying, you know. Good listener. And then Google tries to give me all the answers to life, which is sort of helpful. Maybe not.

MM is the best little girl that ever existed, I think. She doesn’t even cry when I put her down to sleep. She eats all her food. She has the best facial expressions: scowl, wrinkle-nose smile, Muppet smile, a studious look down her nose, and tons more. She was shaking her head earlier today, like she was saying, “No, no no.” And she has picked up a few words: Momma and Dadda, of course, but also nana for banana. Then comes the strange one: shoes. She says shoes by making the s sound twice, which is pretty close. She does about the same thing for Jesus. And she thinks socks are shoes. That’s okay. They are close.

She knows what her toes are and what her nose is, but gets them confused. She loves to sweep and put away trash. She put the remote control in the trash the other day.

So again, about the best little girl ever.


Do you notice her bib? It’s camouflage, but the camo is made from jungle animals. I love it. I’m weird.


3 thoughts on “I’m all moved

  1. We are much closer now! We should get together for a picnic or something else 🙂 Glad you are doing well. Happy late birthday too..


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