So recently Dillon and I took on a project to redo the interior of the playhouse out back at my parent’s house. Since we are living in my parent’s house, it is really nice to have that space so that MM can go play there.

I wish I had taken a before picture, but I didn’t. But image lots of cobwebs and dust and random outdoor furniture shoved in a tight space, and you have what the playhouse was before.

Now, this playhouse was made for my oldest sister. So it’s over twenty years old, but it’s still in great shape. It just needed some love and attention.

This is how it looks now:

There used to be a sink, but it fell apart, so now it’s just a stove and fridge. The flooring was an issue: we had to take out a board that was just disintegrating. Dillon had an idea to put cement in as a new sub-floor, so he got on his hands and knees in there with the wrong tools and put cement in. It’s waterproof and won’t warp and doesn’t need to be replaced down the road, so I think it was a good solution.

We put outdoor carpet on top of the cement to make it softer and feel like home. We also painted everything white–before, it was just plain wood. The white really brightened everything up, particularly because there is so much good light coming in.

Those appliances were white before, and I spray-painted them blue.

MM loves playing in it. She has so much fun with the little dishes her grandma got her. For example, today we learned how to cut a play carrot with the play cutting board and the play knife. She had so much fun.

I like all the white in it–particularly when my daughter is on the stairs–she is just this wonderful pop of color (see photo from last post). And it’s just simple, easy. We went for more of an imperfect look, because it’s a playhouse after all, not something we have to live in everyday.

The stairs lead up to this nice little upstairs room. There’s carpet here too, but nothing else, so you can just sit or play or do whatever.

The project cost us (okay, my parents paid for it–this is their playhouse after all) around $150: $50 for cement, $50 for carpet, $50 for paint/primer. We go out there all the time now, and MM loves it.


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