Living Room

I got a root canal last week. And to take my mind off it, Mom was kind enough to let me help her redesign her living room.

We didn’t do much–just took away a lot of the clutter, all of the fake floral stuff (hooray!), and added some curtains and a gallery wall. We did most of it in a day, then Mom went back the next day to get the curtains.

I love this room. The only things we spent money on were the curtains/rod, printing three pictures, and new glass because both MM and I broke some. All of the frames Mom had around the house or in storage. I love that gallery: that picture of the old people on the left are my great-great grandpa and his siblings. Then there are pictures of the Salt Lake Temple (where my parents got married), The Family Proclamation, two things of embroidery Mom got for her wedding, an embroidered flower my brother did in elementary, and two nature pictures that I took. So it’s all significant, and sort of themed, and we tried to keep the color palette mostly matching.

This side didn’t really change too much, except the stack of books used to be a cluttered mess. The books look much better. The chair is very old and was reupholstered by my grandma (in the 70s–awesome). The table and the lamp were made by some of my ancestors/relatives, I believe. The room looks a little pioneer-like, which I love.

I think Mom wants to replace the couch at some point, but it’s okay for now. Those curtains work so much better than the old floral-print that used to hang there.

So it was a joint project by Mom and me, and I am so grateful she let me help. Root canals are actually wonderful things: my mouth hurt so bad before, and I went in and got it done, and the pain went away. Wonderful.


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