The Before Pictures

This is my house how it looked the very first time I saw it:

That’s the outside. Beige. With sand in the front yard. And more beige. But there are trees, which is nice, since we do live in the desert.

Let’s continue onward.

We have the living room, and there is a stove there. It’s nice, because it’ll be cheaper to heat our house that way. The brick behind it is faux and ugly up close, but it works.

Did you notice the burn marks on the carpet in front of the stove? Yeah, needs a rug.

The front door/living room:

The basic colors are brown/beige/off-white. Not the most pleasant sight all by itself. I wish the white in the house was slightly whiter than it is–it’s very off-white. But it’ll work, since I can’t paint the walls.

The dining room:

I actually like the floor in the dining room. Unlike the worn ugly carpet in the rest of the house, the flooring is new. It’s cheap vinyl tile, but it’s new and it looks okay.

The kitchen:

New stove. Awesome. Very old and ugly wallpaper and hood. Not so awesome. But at least the cabinets are in decent shape. New hardware and they’d be great.

Kitchen part 2:

We had that exact same fridge in a previous apartment we lived in. Weird. The dishwasher is very old and matches the fridge, but it works. And the curtains have the year 1988 on them. They match the wallpaper. Why was everything in the 80s floral?


Dingy curtains. But big enough. There is a big closet and some built-ins too that I didn’t bother to upload to this post for some unknown reason.

That up there is the spare bedroom. We don’t know what to do with it.

Master bedroom:

It works.

Closet space. But sort of a not-so-great organization system, and weird cheap backing.

Master bath:

More wallpaper! Yeah! But it’s not too gross or anything.

Other bathroom:

So. I’m glad I got to walk through it before I moved in. It was better than our apartment we lived in before. And there was space. And everything works all right.

The things that bug me the most right now: worn carpet. Windows with hard water deposits that impossible to get off (more on that in another post). Wallpaper that needs to come down. Curtains that need to be replaced. A gap in the vinyl tiles in the kitchen right in front of the fridge.

But with some rugs, new curtains, stripping, and paint, I think I can really enjoy this place. It works for now. It looks a whole lot better with our stuff in it–much less beige. More color and life. I’ll post pictures soon.


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