How my house looks today

Come take a tour of my house. Since no one has been over yet, you’re the first besides my family to see it:


So, first the living room.

The standing desk is made from a table, stacks of books to raise it up, and a quilt.  The green lamp cost us $5.00 at Walmart because we have no overhead lighting. Couch was free; couch cover was an early Christmas present. Bar stools on either side of the couch were picked up free from the side of the road. Children’s table from Ikea for $20.00. Blue chair was free from my Grandma, who was getting rid of it. Blue stool in the foreground was $4.00 at a thrift store. Red chair was from Ikea quite a few years ago.

The picture of Christ in the center is a Christmas gift from my mother-in-law. The rest of the photos/frames were either picked up from random sources or were gifts. In other words, I haven’t spend much money on my house. Yet. Maybe I won’t ever. If you can get cool stuff for free, I’m all for it.

I feel badly about this photo:

It’s just not very good quality. The snowshoes were from grandparents, the stocking my mom gave me. But I love that little corner of my rooms, I’ll share the blurry picture anyway.

On the other side of the living room:


There’s a free Christmas tree from a sister-in-law. I’m putting more snowflakes on it eventually. And yes, that is a aluminum foil star on top.

Master bedroom:

I didn’t want bookshelves because I love having my books stacked up like that. And if you look closely, you can see that I have nine Harry Potter books. Actually, ten, because there is also a Spanish version somewhere in the mix.

Dining room:

Table I got from a classified ad, originally from Ikea. Chairs from thrift stores/yard sales. The photos on the wall are actually all sort of old and I’ll replace them with newer ones when I get around to it.

Those two bigger photos are from my Grandpa–he did low-altitude reconnaissance for much of his career, meaning he takes pictures from the sky with model airplanes. So that’s looking down from the sky.

The nursery isn’t really done yet, I still have a diy alphabet project planned.

But there is a picture of Jesus up. MM loves Jesus, and loves to point at him and say his name.

She also loves keys. That big blue teddy bear is mine from when I was little.

That’s my house right now. It’s a good start, I think.


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