Family Life

Dillon’s Job and Happiness

Dillon is a park ranger. Someone we met said a park ranger was the job that everyone wanted. (He works for state parks, not national, just for clarification. It’s a slightly different world.) And it is pretty awesome. We have housing with the job, so I go out in my backyard half a mile and there’s a lake.

There’s a lake! Bring on the canoe! Eventually.

I like the schedule. It’s a little sporadic, but it isn’t really long 60-80 hour work weeks all the time, so Dillon’s home with his family a lot. He likes the work: some of it law enforcement, some manual labor/maintenance, supervising people, managing, paperwork—just a big variety of things that all fit him really well.

And most of all, it’s just nice to send him to work everyday and I get my time with MM and we are happy. Very happy.

You can be happy wherever, really.

MM had the biggest blowout this morning–and when toddlers have blowouts, it’s disgusting. She had to take a tub right away. This is what being a mom is all about. Changing really awful diapers. And having your toddler really want juice, but you give her juice and she wants something else. And she can’t talk yet, really, so you have no idea what she wants.

But that’s happiness.


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