Family Life

Walk by the lake

Well, technically it’s a reservoir. Which is why it so low right now–it’s sort of the nature of reservoirs. They get filled up, drained, filled up again. And last year, a canal to a river that feeds the reservoir broke so it was lower than usual.

MM i sy       k5rt ky6t                 helping me type this post. She’s doing a good job.

Anyway. We went on a walk to the lake and went clear down to the puddle of water. We saw a jackrabbit on the way there, and heard geese down by the water. It was cool, but not cold. Have I told you how awesome it is to live right next to a state park?

MM loved wandering around in the sand. And then she decided to go up to the mud.

Sweetheart, it’s muddy there. Come back over here!

What’s that? You’re taking a picture of me?  She squats down because I squat down to get on her level. She thinks it’s fun.

Until she falls over in the mud.

That’s when my battery died on my camera. Her clothes were a bit wet and muddy, but kids should get a dirty on a regular basis. I can let her fall in the mud and go splashing through puddles and have all sorts of fun. I can do laundry later.


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