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A family picture and thoughts on phone calls

We sort of live out in the middle of nowhere now.

I mean, there is a town. It’s a small, spread-out town without a grocery store. There is a library with a county-wide system and a very nice librarian, but the library is only open three days a week for five hours each day. There’s one decent gas station. A few convenience stores. Lots of real estate for sale. A post office. And, actually, a high school, middle school, and elementary school. A few churches too, and the one we go to is a few miles down the road from us. Two parks for little MM. And the lake in our backyard, which is really the best part of it. In the summer it will become crowded, but right now I almost have it all to myself.

I guess that’s enough to life off. And it’s not far to get to a grocery store either.

We live more on the outskirts of town (though the town is just really spread out in general), so it’s ten-fifteen minutes to get to anywhere, even the post office. But convenience has been sacrificed for such a peaceful, quiet place that I’m okay with it.

Here’s a family picture we took:

I promise, I do not let MM wander around in her pajamas all day. It was still morning. As soon as we got back home, she was wearing clothes and shoes. It was an impromptu walk. Which is why she is wearing princess monkeys.

To save money, I’m using Google Voice as my phone number. I tried getting my tablet to work as a phone, but it just didn’t work out. People couldn’t understand me on the other end. So I’m currently just talking into the microphone on a web cam. And it actually works just fine. We bought a Bluetooth headset trying to get my tablet to work, and it didn’t help anything. And for a while, I was sort of upset. I mean, wasted money! Sort of. But since it’s against the law to use a cell phone in the car unless you have a hands free device, Dillon can use the headset. And we tried to get it to work and it didn’t and I can move on. I have a hard time moving on sometimes.

I also learned that I can’t use Google Voice to dial 9-1-1 (or similar numbers). I can, however, use my old cell phone that no longer has any service on it. I think. Our security system is also good for calling the police, as we discovered in an attempt to figure out how it worked. Sorry to waste your time, Mr. Police Officer. We can’t guarantee it won’t happen again because we still don’t know how to use the security system.

And it’s slightly weird for me living in an area where you not only lock your doors at all time, but there’s a lock on the shed, a gate in the front of the house, and a security system. Everyone here either has an attack dog or a gate or both. And we still live out in the middle of nowhere. What a weird world.


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