Meal Plan

This was my meal plan for the past two weeks. Except I had just moved in to a new place and my taste buds have sort of been messed up lately. So I did a really bad job cooking and planning. I just threw things together, quickly. You can see below. Sometimes life’s just like that.

Ham and mashed potatoes: instant potatoes, turkey ham, frozen veggies. Simplest meal ever.

Stir fry: package of frozen stir fry with rice. I flavored the veggies myself with various seasonings, it turned out okay.

Chicken enchiladas: Chicken, cream of chicken soup, sour cream, green chilies, cheese, that sort of thing.

Baked potatoes, veggie, meat: Sort of didn’t turn out very well. We had canned chili with it.

Waffles: my flour had clumps in it.

Tuna casserole: Tuna, noddles, peas, cream of mushroom soup, salt, pepper, a little milk. I didn’t bother baking it. I actually enjoyed it. One of the few meals I did in these two weeks.

Spaghetti: Actually did alfredo sauce and ground turkey over noodles, and it ended up really disgusting.

Taco soup: Throw cans of beans, tomatoes, chilies, taco seasoning, etc. together. Easy. Good.

Navajo tacos: Served these to some missionaries who visited for dinner. They turned out well. I used this scone recipe, which I liked very much.

Ham chowder: My mom makes this. Vegetables and ham in a cream chowder whatever. I didn’t use a recipe, just tried to make it like my mom. Turned out well. If there are any more leftovers, I’m having them for lunch today.

Venison roast: I forgot to plug the Crock-Pot in, so we actually had this the next day (it still wasn’t good). Dillon made spaghetti instead.

In conclusion, I have a much better plan for the next few weeks. And I’m a better cook than what it looks like above.


This is a meal from a few months ago. It looks a lot better than what I’ve been cooking lately.


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