Family Life

Christmas Dress

Christmas is coming. Not very long now. I don’t anticipate it like I used to–I now more think about what food I need to get or any presents I have left over.

I worked on one Christmas present today. I’m exhausted from it, and it didn’t really turn out how I wanted to. I’ll talk about it more after the person gets it, but I still have more work to do.

In the middle of working on this present, MM woke up from her nap. She was crying, I had glue all over my hands. And I had to finish before glue dried, so it was a crazy few moments.

This is MM on Sunday in her Christmas dress. My mom’s friend gave it to us–she found it on clearance last year for $2.00. And it’s so adorable. MM doesn’t love it because she can’t climb quite as well in it, but I love it.

I finished decorating the Christmas tree and wrapping presents. I read one present before I wrapped it, hope that’s okay. My decorations were paper snowflakes. Because I didn’t actually want to spend any money on decorations.

She got out sour cream to eat today as a snack. That was in the middle of me gluing, and I just opened the fridge to try to make her happy. She even got out a spoon to eat the sour cream.

She had saltines and an orange instead.


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