Family Life

A good day

corn popperYesterday was a good day. Maybe not my lazy morning (I stayed in my pajamas much too long). But in the afternoon, we headed over to Reno to go to the temple and do our last bit of Christmas shopping–mostly spending grandparent money.

We went to Scheels and Dillon got an archery target, which happened to have a rebate with it. Yeah rebates! MM knows the word fish, apparently; she really liked looking at the fish and pointing and saying the word. Then we went to some shops nearby. At the toy store, we helped MM pick out a toy. Her options: a toy broom, a toy where you put shaped blocks into holes, balls, and a few other things I don’t remember. I was sort of proud of myself because I pretty much knew what sort of toys she would like and which ones weren’t her things. She picked a corn popper. Annoying toy, but she loved it. She wanted to keep playing with it. We tried to go to another store, but MM just wanted to play with her toy so we went outside (it was cold, but that’s what coats are for) where she ran around pushing and pulling. At one point, she sat down on a curb. Then patted the seat next to her so I would sit down.  And then got up and patted a place for Dillon to sit down. Funny girl.

She makes everyone who sees her smile. She says hi to people a lot, smiles at them, or plays shy–everything is just adorable. It makes me happy and makes everyone else happy. I’m so spoiled rotten to have a kid that’s so cute.

We went to a grocery store and got a snack, and then wandered until I went to the temple. Dillon went to Cabela’s with MM and picked me up. We went to dinner at KFC, then Dillon went to the temple. MM and I played at another toy store (I had to read part of the pirate potty book, and there was another man who was listening in) and then we went to Kohl’s and wandered (I was exhausted; MM was energized) until it was bedtime. I got MM into pajamas and then I sang carols and drove and looked at Christmas lights. Picked up Dillon. We drove home. Long day. Good day.


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