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Christmas Cookies

cookiesMy plan was to give our Christmas cookies as a way of serving others this Christmas. Now, we just moved here so it’s not like we know that many people. But I was actually amazed when I wrote down everyone I could give cookies to–I had 15 people on my list. That seemed like a lot.

I made so many chocolate chip cookies. Two batches, and the batches are huge in the first place. I didn’t actually bake them all, though (frozen cookie dough).

So I gave them to Dillon to give to his co-workers, and that worked out great.

And then we went out to bring them to people around town. I learned a lot about the little town I live in.

First, Google Maps has no understanding that every road is not necessarily in the greatest condition. Some are narrow and full of pot holes. Some you have to have a truck to go on. Some you do not want to get stuck on for a mile when there is a paved road a block upward.

And sometimes the directions just didn’t work. The road did not exist. So I had to pull out my tablet to figure out where we were and how to get to where we are going.

Also, there are three different avenues in our town with the exact same name, but none of them are connected with each other.christmascookies

There is one section of the town where all the streets are animals–grouse, antelope, deer, etc.

We learned not to trust the mailboxes. They can be placed not near the houses at all.

We did manage to avoid the bog that our directions told us to go through.

We had eight people to bring cookies to. We managed three. Gates were closed. Houses were missing numbers on them. It took longer than anticipated and I got car sick. But it was an adventure and a half.

I was so tired after making and bringing cookies to people that I could barely get up in the morning the day after.

Now, giving cookies to the librarian and the post office lady was much easier. I already knew where they were. The lady at the post office knew who everyone in town is–she’s amazing like that. And she was grateful to get the cookies.

The librarian is also awesome here. I know this because I saw the BBC Sherlock DVD sitting out. Asked her if she had seen it and we went on about how season 2 ended and how we were dying to see season 3. And then about Martin Freeman and how he played three of her favorite characters, and I knew Bilbo and Dr. Watson, but turns out he also was in Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. The one with Zooey Deschanel, I asked, and she said yes. That was our conversation.

I doubt I will brave driving around our town during a cold night trying to find houses again unless absolutely necessary. I kept wondering if people thought we were some creepy weirdos scouting out houses to steal from like that.


2 thoughts on “Christmas Cookies

  1. Love you! I too have had an experience where google expected me to drive through a bog. Is Bilbo/Mr. Watson the same…now I think I do want to watch Hobbit. And Season 2 of Sherlock.


    1. Yeah, they’re the same. And he also plays Arthur Dent from Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. And the funny thing is he fits all three characters quite perfectly, in my opinion, though I guess I haven’t seen the Hobbit yet.


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