Family Life

Christmas 2012 Edition

Christmas Eve, we watched videos of the nativity, read scriptures, ate food, and spent good time with each other. We had clam chowder for dinner, which MM spilled all down herself. Which is why she is mostly naked in in this picture.


She’s opening her present from her Grandma Debbie and Grandpa Gerry. It contained pajamas, so she had to open it in order to get dressed. You get the idea. There was also a book, so I read the book to her in her new pajamas before going off to bed.


Christmas morning was one of the most exciting Christmas mornings in my memory. Because of this:


So I woke up early. I actually woke MM up, so Dillon went and got her and put her back to sleep in our bed. I started making wassail and cooking breakfast (orange rolls and muffins). I went to go start a fire after putting breakfast in the oven.

The smoke alarm went off.

MM and Dillon come out of the bedroom and I went into the kitchen to investigate. There is a drawer underneath our oven that gets hot when the oven is on. The drawer is the perfect height for MM and she likes to cook in it. She had stuck the rag there. It was smoking–not really in flames, just smoldering. I grabbed it and put it in the sink and got it wet so it would stop.

We couldn’t figure out how to get the smoke alarms to stop for a while, kept going through the house and pulling out batteries until it worked. At that point, MM was discovering her Christmas present:



Her main present was this toy bike. It has a base that she can use to rock on it, which then flips up so I can push her around. And then, when she’s old enough to pedal, I can completely remove it.


She loved it.


At one point, she tried to put her feet on the handlebars and lean back like that, and she ended up just tumbling off. Didn’t hurt herself, but she understood quickly that she can’t do everything. Though she did like to stand on the seat and rock on it too.

We also got her a doll with a stroller.


She’s pushed that around all over the house and even outside some. She loves it. She had the time of her life playing on Christmas (and today). Her Aunt Amber gave her mega blocks–and she could put them together, take them apart, build things and destroy things to her little heart’s content. She loved those too. And the Boggle game we also got from Amber–she’s a big fan of shaking up dice.

MM loved the chocolate. So much so that she didn’t even touch her Christmas dinner. At all. I think she just wanted candy all day.

Since Dillon just started a new job, we didn’t really buy too much for each other. But Dillon did get me a meat thermometer–a pretty nice one, and some yogurt-covered pretzels. He did very good, especially since he decided to shop at Cabela’s for me. That’s not a store that necessarily has tons of stuff I really want. That’s his store.

I gave Dillon a lunch box. Which is sort of lame, but in my defense, Dillon wants really big things (guns, optics, etc.) for the most part. And he also likes to pick things out himself. And so when I have a $20 budget or so, I’m a little bit at a loss. I did get him a stud finder I gave to him earlier in order to hang his deer head on our bedroom wall. He also got a job this Christmas, and a work truck, and a house to live in. So he wasn’t lacking.

One of my favorite moments of Christmas was when we went outside for a walk to the lake. MM was playing and running and trying to skip and we just got to talk to each other and enjoy each other’s company.

Anyway. You know, people say Christmas isn’t about the presents. I know the central focus is on Jesus Christ and celebrating his life–but I try to remember Him always, not just once a year. I love the Christmas program at church, Christmas devotionals, Christmas music, and trying to serve other people.

But I think in a large part Christmas still is all about the presents. And it’s not a bad thing. One of my favorite part of this Christmas season was giving to people–cookies to people in my town, making something for my sister, trying to figure out what to give my husband, and picking out the perfect present for my daughter to make her happy.

Presents are a way of expressing love and gratitude and showing that we know and care about a person. It’s a big way of how we connect with our families and friends during the Christmas season. There’s nothing wrong with that.

And we should also be grateful and happy with what we receive–it should make us feel special inside, because we are worth something to that person who is giving us the present.

Jesus Christ gave us the greatest gift ever, and giving to each other and serving each other helps us remember that.



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