Meal Plan

This is for the past three weeks or so.


  • Green chile enchiladas (I didn’t follow the recipe but it’s better when I do)
  • Quiche
  • Pizza hamburgers (I really haven’t been liking ground beef lately. Or meat in general, but Dillon thought they were good.)
  • Pasta carbonara (I’ve had this twice, actually–I just like it. I don’t follow the recipe exactly–one time I went completely off it, and I usually change up the amounts or omit ingredients. I’m sure that’s super useful for you.)
  • Fajitas (Yummy, as always. I follow the directions on a packet of fajita seasoning.)
  • Ramen Thai soup stuff (So the jalapeno I used was really spicy. When I cooked it, we all ended up coughing and sneezing. The jalapeno cooked in the coconut milk/broth for a while, and then I drained it out, and the soup was still plenty hot. Too hot for us. Next time, if there is a next time, I’m not using the jalapeno. It also made parts of my finger burn all the rest of that day and the day afterward.)
  • BBQ chicken sandwiches and potato salad (The potato salad was disgusting, as all potato salad is. I just don’t like the texture of potatoes and mayo together. I actually picked out the potatoes and made chicken salad with it the next day.)
  • Chicken pillows
  • Crepes with chicken salad, leftovers, and blueberries
  • Nachos
  • Bagel pizzas (Dillon made these. He didn’t like them. I thought they were fine.)
  • Breakfast burritos (They should always include tater tots.)
  • Soup (From a can.)
  • Ham steak, stuffing, funeral potatoes (the potatoes were nasty, but the ham was delicious. I made it again a few days later since I had two ham steaks.)
  • Pizza
  • Taco salad


  • Chocolate mint brownie bites (These were delicious, but they didn’t look that great.)
  • Blueberry lemon sweet rolls (So yummy–even though I killed my yeast they still turned out okay)
  • Squish fudge (Dillon says I need a new fudge recipe. He’s probably right.)
  • Frozen apple pie
  • Christmas jello (layers of red and green)

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