Family Life

Is MM Happy?

Is MM Happy?

A story about the Dillon, Heather, and MM Hoyt in 2012.


Once upon a time (2012, to be more precise), there was a little family who lived in Logan, Utah. There was a mommy named Heather. A daddy named Dillon. And a little girl named MM. And MM was happy.



Little MM turned one and ate all the candy off her birthday cake. She was growing big, and she was happy.


Dillon graduated from Utah State University with a degree in Wildlife Science, cum laude, putting their life into uncertainty. But MM was still happy. Most of the time.



The little family stayed in Logan, Utah for a little while longer while Dillon worked at Hyrum State Park during the summer. And MM was happy.



In August, the family moved in with Grandpa Ray and Grandma Claire while Dillon searched for a job. And, of course, MMM was happy. She had lots of people to love her and a little playhouse to play in.




Then Dillon found a job working as a park ranger. The little family moved to Nevada. And was MM happy or was she sad? . . .

Well, of course MM was happy! And the rest of the family was too.



Look for the sequel: Is the New Baby Happy? Coming June 2013.


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