Family Life


This was back on Christmas Eve. Dillon decided to split up the wood pile in front of our house so we could have wood to burn. He worked on it pretty much all day. It was really cold in the morning, but warmed up considerably.


Men look good using machinery. There’s something just so manly about it.


MM and I didn’t really help much. I did stack some wood.


MM looked cute.



I’m not sure what she was trying to accomplish with the broom. But she felt useful.


We got a decent wood pile outside. Which is a good thing, because our furnace acted up and has stopped working twice now. Dillon says he fixed it, and I hope that’s true. But we always have our wood.

MM even helped bring the wood inside, but she couldn’t quite manage to get up the steps on her own.


This is as far as she got by herself, and then we helped her the rest of the way.


MM’s latest word is stuck. She says it when toys are stuck or when she is stuck. She uses it remarkably well. We didn’t teach it to her. There’s just enough things in her life that get stuck that she learned it so that she could get help in getting everything not stuck anymore.


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