My New Desk

Back story:

Before we moved to Nevada, we took a few  visits to Ikea. On the last one, I figured out how to hack a standing desk for a little over $50. But since we are starting a new job and currently don’t have money, Dillon didn’t think it was a good idea.

I was slightly upset. But my mom came up with a good solution: she’d get it for us for Christmas.

So I sent her the details.The desk consists of two Billy bookcases with a Vika Amon table top on the top of it. White is not only cheaper than the other finishes, but it’s exactly what I needed in my space.

This desk is on the tall side–slightly taller than bar height. For a lot of normal people, it might be too high. I’m six feet tall and it fits me perfectly. It’s also comfortable to sit on a bar stool and use, which is what Dillon usually does.063



Usually I have the screen tilted up a bit more than in the picture above.

I decorated it mainly with things we use on a regular basis, an old typewriter, a few toys for MM, some jars, and lots of books. My mom encouraged the stack of books in the center. With the wide bookcases for the legs and the books, the ugly tangle of cords is mostly hidden (but not completely at the moment).



I love this desk. It’s comfortable to use, and it looks so much better than what I had before. Everything is easy to access, neat, and MM hasn’t destroyed anything yet.

Thank you, Mom and Dad, for a much needed Christmas present. And a Happy New Year today!


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