Goals 2013

Hey, did you know it isn’t 2012 anymore? Just sort of realized that.

Here are some of my goals for 2013, in no particular order:

  • Visit Nevada state parks (Lake Tahoe, Valley of Fire, more)
  • Attend temple monthly
  • Weekly date nights with husband (we’ve never been very good at dating)
  • Invite person over once a month
  • Learn to canoe
  • Focus on being a mom
  • Read the Doctrine and Covenants
  • Read the Book of Mormon
  • Serve daily and often
  • Find writing group
  • Volunteer at library, if possible
  • Join church sewing/crocheting/etc. group
  • Make headboard for bedroom
  • Garden
  • Functional yard with play area, dining, and living area
  • Remove wallpaper in kitchen
  • Add stories to family history website and transcribe
  • Finish family tree for my mom’s basement
  • Blog regularly
  • New draft new novel
  • Superhero wife novel in good place
  • Finish Jake, final draft (ish)
  • Read 52 books
  • Write Grandma Jane’s history

Hopefully I can do most of that in a year.

Review of some of my 2012 goals, the ones I accomplished in blue:

  • Finish Book of Mormon (yes)
  • Memorize scriptures (no)
  • Index 1,000 names with Family Search Indexing (not even close, but I did some)
  • Transcribe Ella Pack’s journal (yes! finished!)
  • Transcribe Willard Call’s journal (nope)
  • Finish Jake (finished another draft)
  • Finish Letters Through Time (abandoned this project completely)
  • Blog/photoblog continue (yes)
  • Write something related to philosophy (no)
  • Read 52 books (yes)
  • Read 20 nonfiction (I read around 16)
  • Finish game theory class (yes)
  • Watch 2 more classes (no)
  • Design 1-2 WordPress themes (yes)
  • Draw better (no, but I did some crafts)
  • Sculpt (no)
  • Learn piano song (1/2)
  • Crochet baby booties (yes, did tons of these and gave them away)
  • Finish quilt (yes! I finished handquilting a quilt I got for my wedding. It took me three years.)
  • Cook better and share recipes (yes, for the most part)
  • 3 months food storage (had it at one point, then ate through a lot of it while job searching)
  • Sew–repurpose some (yes, though all the projects I did weren’t very good)
  • Herb garden (I tried, though mostly things didn’t grow very well)
  • Touch toes (nope, still can’t do this)
  • 50 push-ups (yes, I did do this at one point. I allowed myself a few breaks.)
  • Get Dillon a job (yes)
  • MM walk and talk (yes)
  • Buy a house or get housing (yes, got housing with the job)
  • No debt (yes)
  • Hike 25 miles (not at all)
  • Shoot bow at 30 yards (I did once, but I’ve discovered I’m no Katniss. Of course, Katniss isn’t realistic. Have you seen how well olympic archers shoot? Yeah. Archery in fiction frustrates me because of how inaccurate it is to real life.)
  • Go on a cheap vacation (we went to a few places in Nevada and Wyoming job searching)
  • Get in shape (I did okay on this)



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