Happy Birthday


I love you.

You are such a great husband. You work full-time and you do so awesome at your job even though you just started. And then you come home and get me firewood and get the fire going again. You vacuum when I don’t feel the best, you help with dishes, and you don’t complain when I burn dinner.

You don’t complain about anything, really.

You came home the other day to unload groceries when I was having a tough time. And you always put your family first–above your work, above hunting–I feel important and I feel loved.

You shovel the walks at church without anyone asking. You watch MM during choir practice and take her out when she isn’t being very good.

You got to know our neighbors and you reach out to people constantly.

And I just want you to know that I notice all this, and every day you make my list of things I am grateful for. You do so much for me. You are an amazing person.

Happy Birthday.

Your wife.



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