My Bedroom & Hiding a Ceiling Fan

I don’t mind the deer. I would rather it was an antelope. Or a European mount (which is just the skull and antlers). But Dillon had this done when he was 18, and it’s a part of him.

So we stuck it in the bedroom. Because I am aware that taxidermy can offend people–and that some people just don’t like it at all. Thus, it couldn’t go in the guest room or the living room. It had to go in the bedroom.


It took us a while to figure out where to put it. But that little corner is where it is staying.


I love my bedroom. It’s not really cohesive as far as a specific style or anything, but it’s very personal to us. The books, the deer, the quilt that is made from photos I took–everything has some significance. It’s us in a room.


On that wall is our marriage certificate, the Family: A Proclamation to the World, and a family picture.  We also have a picture of the temple we got married in. It’s us and our marriage in one little room.


I had a really ugly ceiling fan that looked even uglier with the deer antlers. So I took off the blades and I taped up some white snowflakes. It is not a perfect solution at all–I would like a new light fixture there–but it makes me not hate it quite so much.



There is still so much to do in that room. I want to make a headboard for the bed (I have everything I need except batting, nail head trim, and a staple gun). Then I also want to change up the nightstands–either paint them or put tape on them (which sounds weird, but I saw it down and it looks awesome). Then I want to get matching lamps for the nightstands. Hang curtains (I have the curtains; don’t have a rod yet). Fix some closet doors.

All in good time.


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